Baby Suction Cup Bowl Temperature Sensing Spoon and Cover Slip-resistant Solid Feeding Set for Learnning Dishes



100%Brand new&high quality
Designed for children, shaped like a flying saucer
Great for babies and kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess
Security does not broken
Material: PP
Note:When the temperature more than 40 degrees, the spoon mouth gradually become white,temperature is too high,
please do not feed the baby; Color gradually restored at room temperature.,then you can feed the baby.
(bowl + cover + temperature spoon)
1 bowl: POLYPROPYLENE Polypropylene (pp), high temperature 110 ~ -20 .
Application: for six months or more, the baby and preschool children learn to eat

This product overcomes the baby to eat on their own dangerous storm, high base sucker can suck the bowl firmly on the table, make sure that the baby's safety.
1. This product overcomes difficulties danger eat their own baby, has a suction cup base can be firmly sucked in the bowl on the table, do not worry about the baby prostrate knocked the bowl, make sure that the baby's safety.
2. Place the suction wall bowl flat on flat and smooth desktop, hand soft reduction bowl suction wall suction to the desktop automatically fixed; after eating gently pull the plastic sheet can be removed under reduced pressure suction.
3. As your baby grows you can remove the underside of the sucker.
The cleverly designed suction cup with a lid and more insulation.
Cleaning methods:
Washed with water before use into sterilized in boiling water 2-3 minutes, it can be washed in clean water.

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